Internationally renowned winemaker Paul Hobbs, and partners the Yacoubian family journey to the Birthplace of Wine to craft modern, world class wines from the indigenous varieties found in the high altitude, mineral­ rich soils ofVayots Dzor, Armenia. Their newly planted vineyards grow a stone's throw away from the Areni-1 cave, the oldest known winery dating from over 6,000 years ago. With their local team, Paul and the Yacoubi­ ans are growing and crafting wines that confirm Armenia's part not only in the ancient history of winemaking, but in its very relevant present and future amongst the great wine regions of the world.


The Partnership
Founded on a partnership forged from friendship and a shared passion for wine in 2008, the journey between Paul and the Yacoubian brothers represents a commitment to the exploration, and authentic cultivation and promotion of the world's oldest wine region. The Yacoubians'grandparents escaped from Armenia in the diaspora of the early 20th cent ury— their return pays homage to a heritage that survives in the vibrancy of their Armenian  community  abroad,  and  locally  with  their  friends  and family in  Los Angeles.


A Sense of  Place - Armenia
The cradle of wine civilization I An historic world wine region After touring several of Armenia's wine  growing  regions  in 2005,  Paul and the Yacoubians settled on   the Vayots Dzor province  to  begin their exploration. With vineyards at ele­ vations exceeding 5,000ft,  this mountainous region  is one of Armenia's most sparsely populated, and is home to only about 10% of the country's vineyards. It is also home to the Areni-1 cave, site of the world's oldest known proto-winery, dated to 4,100 be.

Here in the mountainous Vayots Dzor, extremely  rocky soils of volcanic origin and limestone, and an extended growing season provide unique terroir for indigenous varieties such as the country's emblematic red grape: areni.


"The soul of a wine is when it speaks to a place. If you don't have that, then you've missed everything. And that quest is why we're so fired up to be here. "

-  Paul Hobbs

Country Armenia
Region Vayots Dzor
Appellation Aghavnadzor

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