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Introducing Mr Matteo Furlani, a true master of Pet-Nat. Working with no adjunction of sugar, industrial yeasts or sulfites, he crafts a range of delicious naturally bubbly wines. His wines are fresh, precise, rich in flavor and are very popular in Europe and America. 
The Furlani Wine Cellar is a successful combination of tradition and avant-garde. Matteo is the 4th generation of winemakers. His family never relied on heavy chemical use, but Matteo strived to go even further and completely eliminate any chemical from both the cultivation and the vinification. The Domaine has been fully biodynamic since 2002.
The vines are grown in the traditional “pergola trentina” style, a typical local style that allows for maximum aeration and sun exposure. They total several hectares on tiny plots throughout the slopes around the village of Povo, at over 700 meters of altitude in the Italian Alps.

Production remains totally hand crafted, from the harvest up until the bottling, and all the delicate stages of winemaking. Matteo uses his own method (a mix of Method Ancestrale, Champagne Method and Sur Lie) to create crisp, elegant wine with a minimal process and nothing else than grape juice.

Country イタリア|Italy
Region Trento
Appellation N/A

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