2018 Novas Organic Sauvignon Blanc Valle de San Antonio

Chile, Aconcagua
Country Chile
Region Aconcagua
Appellation San Antonio Valley
Winery Novas
Vintage 2018
Color White
Varietal(s) Sauvignon Blanc
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Country Chile
Region Aconcagua
Appellation San Antonio Valley
Winery Novas
Vintage 2018
Color White
Varietal(s) Sauvignon Blanc
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Closure Screw Cap
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 80x80x298mm
Alcohol 13.4%
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Tasting notes

Greenish-yellow in color. The nose offers tremendous aromatic typicity recalling citrus, fresh herbs such as dill, white pepper, and green chili, as well as mineral saline and limestone notes. The palate is silky and refreshing with rich acidity, great body, and a pleasingly long finish.


The high acidity and aromatic persistence in this wine make it an excellent aperitif as well as an ideal companion to shellfish and raw or cooked white fish. It can also be served with white meats such as chicken seasoned with lemon, salads, and fresh cheeses. Best served at 7º–10ºC.



VINEYARD OF ORIGIN: Fundo Rosario, Lagunilla zone.
VINEYARD DESCRIPTION: Located 250 m above sea level. The vines are clone 242, vertically positioned, drip irrigated, and primarily planted on hillsides.
PLANTATION YEAR AND DENSITY: between 1999 and 2005; 3,030 plants/hectare.
YIELD PER HECTARE: 12 tons, 50 Hl/ha.

CLIMATE & SOIL: The area around the San Antonio seaport is Chile´s most maritime wine region. The vineyards are distributed among three major sectors of the Coastal Mountain Range in Leyda, Lo Abarca, and Rosario, although newer areas are constantly appearing. The region´s mountainous topography, it is cool climate, and its distinctively thin and rocky soil, produce white wines known by its minerality and an intense acidity.


HARVEST: Manual & machine, April 5-23, 2018.

Some of the grapes are hand picked and the rest are machine harvested at night to take advantage of the low temperatures and transported to a pneumatic press for immediate processing. The must was then trucked to the winery in Maipo, where it is decanted and adjusted to a turbidity of 100 NTU prior to alcoholic fermentation in a stainless-steel tank with selected yeast at 15ºC and finishing at 16º–17ºC. The tank is then chilled to help precipitate out the coarse lees, and after 2 days, the new wine is racked to WINE OF CHILEstorage tanks and held with its fine lees in suspension for 3 months to help develop the fatty compounds and aromatics for greater complexity in the finished wine.

AGING: 3 months in stainless steel tanks.

Residual Sugar:1.15 g/L
Total Acidity(tartaric acid):5.15 g/L
Total SO2 at bottling:0.072 g/L